Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders Karen J. Landsman, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist 973-895-2442
Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders                      Karen J. Landsman, Ph.D.                          Clinical Psychologist                                973-895-2442

Treating Children

Working with parents is an essential part of the overall treatment program for your child.

  • Treatment will be focused to help your child as well as the family. 
  • The therapy process will be developed for children so that they can participate fully in their recovery and understand the goals of therapy.
  • The therapy will be child-friendly, practical, and empowering for your child.
  • An effective “battle plan” will be developed for your child.
  • Parents will be given the information and tools needed to get their child well as soon as possible.

Parenting Assistance

Examples of therapy goals for helping you with your anxious child include:


  • Understand your child’s anxiety and learn strategies to help them cope better.
  • Help your child manage their feelings.
  • Discover strategic parenting skills and help your child manage the anxiety more effectively.
  • Decrease frustration and conflict in the family.
  • Learn practical strategies and solutions to improve behavior and decrease outbursts.
  • Learn to become more confident, knowledgeable, and successful  in your parenting.
  • Develop positive parenting practices in a step-by–step manner that is individually tailored to your child’s needs.
  • Improve morning, bedtime and sleep routines.
  • Help your child to feel encouraged rather than discouraged and to develop self-esteem.
  • Learn how to decrease child’s avoidance of people, places, or things and encourage your child to approach situations.

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